Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What size transactions does Prairie Financial, Inc. handle?

A. The majority of our transactions are between $10,000 and $1,500,000.

Q. What kind of equipment do you lend money on?

A. Any income producing or support equipment for commercial purposes, however we specialize in certain niche markets:

  • Amusement Industry – rides, food trailers, game trailers, generators, mobile offices, bunkhouses and trucks
  • Family Entertainment Centers
  • Short Line Railroads – Locomotives, rolling stock, trucks, and maintenance of way equipment

Q. Does Prairie Financial, Inc. only provide loans and leases in the Carnival, Beverage Distribution and Short line Railroad Industries?

A. While the majority of our transactions come from these industries, we have  experience in funding equipment in a number of other industries.

Q. Do you lend money on used equipment?

A. Yes! However if the equipment is titled, we require a clear title and proof of ownership.

Q. Can you structure my loan / lease with Seasonal Payments?

A. Yes! Prairie Financial, Inc. works very hard to provide you with the loan or lease which best suits your needs.  Typically, with seasonal payments we expect five to six payments per year.

Q. Do you do Working Capital Loans?

A. Yes! However, the loan would be secured with income producing equipment.

Q. Is a down payment required for amusement equipment?

A. A down payment of 25% is required on all purchased. We do offer 100% financing, but would require additional collateral to secure the loan.

Q. Can I substitute additional collateral in lieu of a cash down payment?

A. In many cases yes, but the decision will be dependent on the collateral being pledged.  Typically, the additional collateral needs to be worth 50% of the purchase price.

Q. What is the maximum term available for my loan or lease?

A. If the equipment is “new” the term can be up to 60 months.  The term for used equipment is shorter depending on the age of the equipment.    The age and type of collateral will determine the length of your loan.